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Everybody Hurts.....sometimes.

Well we do and life is not so great sometimes

There are thousands of books that promote our well-being and encourage us to face our fear. You know it, and if you are anything like me you have tried to embrace your fear and turn all the negatives into positives. You have tried to look into yourself and see only the good, and look at your life and realise that you should find ways to change it and make yourself better.

Well the one thing I realised whenever I was with friends, old and new friends is that everyone has a story. Regardless of how I was feeling and that I sometimes felt that I was dealt a poor hand in life I was and still am amazed that you only have to scratch the surface of some people to realise that they are not all roses by the door and happy smiles. Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes it is that they have had some horrible disaster or trauma in their life.

There are so many books that are meant to inspire us to a better life and I have only actually read a couple.I have become so despondent with them all.

When did life become so hard? I guess it just crept up on me. Whats my story?

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About Everybody Hurts

I wanted to create this website and collate these stories, almost in complete argumentative response yet with a heartfelt thank you to all those books that are meant to boost self-esteem.

Life is hard, lets face it! To be blunt and crude we are in a world where we have the rich and the comfortable and those fighting to be comfortable and to be rich, and a mixture of even more types of individuals within those parameters.

All those books, all those inspiration books. What about everyone that reads those books. Surely we are here in a world to survive.

Is this the reason why Reality Television has become so popular? Is it so that in some little way it is for all of us to stop focusing on our own reality and judge someone else's? Yet in some way we would all like to tell our own story, whatever it may be in the vain hope that someone somewhere will feel that same and that we are not alone?

Well to be completely simplistic about it, life is hard. We are all here to survive and one very poignant quote is from a 'medium' I was at dinner with in January 2001 where I was asking my friend about a murder case that was very prevalent in the news and I was asking about heaven and hell and what would happen to the murderers. If there is a heaven where do they go? She simply replied that what makes me think that God, if there is a God, would not forgive them when he forgives everything. What makes you think you are not already in Hell? A world full of greed gluttony and all the seven sins that we are not meant to do. Isn't this our world?

Now I am not treading on the toes of any religious beliefs as each belief has its own merits and this is merely a viewpoint on life and we are free to choose to believe what we want about anything, religion included.

I am 31 years old. I have been struggling to cope with life since 18th March 1975 at 2pm when I was born. I have been told that as soon as you are born you start to die, very encouraging now when I look at new born babies!!

I have a story, just like you who reads this. You might be happy with your lot in life, you might want more. Your might have the means to get it or you might be in a black hole where things seem impossible. Hey we are only reading in the newspaper about a mother who ran on to the track at a station and jumped in front s a Heathrow Express train killing her and her two children. A woman who seemed happy to most of her family and friends. If pictures were taken you can see her smile and nothing looks fake. Why should she choose to think that her life, that is so much more than most, is so despairing that she would chose to end hers and her childrens! Who knows?

I have felt on the depths of despair and have at one point in my life felt like suicide. I love it sometimes and other times I wonder what the hell I am doing! Where and I going and why don't I get on and do it?

To be able to give each and every individual who has given part of their life to this book I have adopted some rules from my life coaching. Some you will read stories from real people in their own words and others will use the guide.

If you feel that you can help other people with your life then please fill in the online form and we will submit it on the site. This also does not have to be your whole life story, merely snippets, as I am sure you could all write a five part novel about what has happened throughout your life, and I am sure that you already know who would play you in a movie.

You are free to add or use you own personal poetic licence to tell us all that Everybody hurts...sometimes.

Don't worry - we are all here and we will all survive. Unfortunately the only thing we can all be certain of is death. I am not trying to depress anyone with this comment however would like to end this introduction on my two main inspirations I try and live my life by:

You can never discover new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore

To live a great year, just live 365 great days, To live a great day, get the most from 24 hours, and to live a great hour, make every minute count

I sincerely hope that from this book you will realise that you are not alone and you are you. We are all here for one purpose and you can learn what you want to learn. If you don't have the means to do it try and mix or interact with people who can teach you to find the means (after all you found this on the internet). Don't give up, and from the words from a leading health provider, although corny however still relevant. You ARE amazing. You have over 600 muscles in your body that work in unison with each other. You operate independently to any machine you operate, and your body knows when it needs food, water or sleep.

It takes only 60 musles to frown but only 6 muscles to smile so take the weight off your body think positive and think happy because everyone is going throught his merry go round together.

If you feel that you would just like to read this site then it is no problem, we hope that in some ways you might feel that others are not all sorted and are just getting on with how they wake up in the morning and what they do though out the day.

Do not be afraid to leave a comment about my story, the web site or any other story on here. Please take some time and submit your own for others to read and inspire them.

Remember that this site is for us all, and if you are ever feeling down in the dumps, just have a read or submit a story and remember that everybody hurts...sometimes.

So here goes with the first entry, mine.

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